Uniform Information

Oulder Hill students are expected to wear our uniform correctly and in full.

We believe uniform gives a sense of identity and belonging to our students and reflect the high standards we expect of our school community. Our uniform is compulsory and the Headteacher has the power to exclude from school any student who, after a warning, refuses to follow the uniform regulations.

School Uniform and Equipment List

School Uniform

BLAZER: Oulder Hill School Blazer.
SKIRT: Standardised black knee length in plain material. A skirt with the Oulder Hill logo is preferable but not compulsory.
SHIRT: Plain white tailored with collar which must be tucked in at all times and have the top button fastened.
TIE: Ties worn must show seven stripes and/or the school logo beneath the knot. (Yr11 students have an alternative version).
SWEATER (optional): Black v-necked school sweater with OHCS logo/motif.
SOCKS: Grey, black or white.
TIGHTS: Black or natural shades without patterns.
FOOTWEAR: Plain black full leather shoe or ankle boot (worn under trousers). NO TRAINERS, PUMPS, CANVAS SHOES, COLOURED BADGES, HIGH HEELS, WEDGES, SPORTS BRANDS (including Converse and Vans), COLOURED BANDS, LACES OR STRIPES.

school shoes

(No badges, logos or insignia other than the school’s are acceptable on clothing)
The only coat allowed to be worn inside the building will be a blazer.

RELIGIOUS DRESS: A plain black Hijab may be worn

P.E Kit

SHIRT: Black school polo shirt (long or short sleeved)
SHORTS: Plain black shorts
HOODED TOP: Black/Green hooded top
TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS (optional): Black tracksuit bottoms and only worn at the discretion of PE staff
SOCKS: Black long or short socks
SHOES: Training shoes (with non-marking soles)
SWIMWEAR: Full swimming costumes (including swimming caps where necessary)
FOOTBALL BOOTS: Football boots may also be required for some activities

Uniform Suppliers

The school uniform is available from.

Top Form by Monkhouse
51 – 53 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1RX
Phone: 01706 345257

Moses School Wear
23 Oldham Road, Rochdale, OL16 1UA
Phone: 01706 644447

Ziggys School Wear
101 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale OL16 1DW
Phone: 01706 655141

Ties are available from the School Reception.

Uniform Rules


Dress for both boys and girls should be appropriate for an environment in which learning and teaching are paramount. Very tight blouses or trousers and very short skirts can cause embarrassment to other students and staff and are therefore inappropriate for a place of work.


  • For health, safety and eyesight reasons long hair should be fastened back off the face.
  • No extreme hairstyles are allowed (no Mohicans, lines or patterns).
  • Shaved hair must be no less than a Number 1.
  • Hair colouring, if used, must be within a range of natural hair colours and must not be in extreme contrasting colours, for example black and blond.


Students are allowed to wear a wrist watch and one set of plain stud earrings through the earlobe, which may have to be removed for Health & Safety reasons during certain lessons. No other jewellery is allowed in school. We recommend that expensive watches and stud earrings are not brought into school as we cannot accept responsibility for loss of valuables.

Nose studs and all other forms of body piercing are forbidden in school.

Make Up

Make-up must not be worn in school.


No varnish or false nails of any type.

Any student who arrives out of uniform; in unsuitable uniform; wearing inappropriate jewellery; or with an unsuitable hairstyle or hair colour may be removed from classes or sent home immediately and parents/carers informed. The Headteacher or his representative will be the final arbiter on all uniform issues.

Important School Equipment

The following equipment is considered an essential minimum to be brought to school each day.

  • Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, pencil case.
  • Mathematical equipment and calculator.
  • Student Planner, this is provided by the school and checked regularly.
  • Suitable bag to carry equipment. (Drawstring bags are not considered suitable as a main school bag).
  • Dictionary.
  • Reading Book.

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