School Noticeboard w/c 16th May 2016

This Week’s Theme

– Be Respectful


Year 8 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 19th May

– Year 8 Parents’ Evening takes place on Thursday 19th May, 4:00 – 7:00pm. Students should now be making appointments with their teachers for the evening. If you have any queries regarding this evening, please contact Mrs Thompson or Mrs Howe.


Year 10 GCSE Art Visit

– Year 10 GCSE Art students will be visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Monday 16th May. The trip is part of their GCSE coursework and meets three of their assessment objectives. The trip takes place during school hours, and students will be taken on a tour of the Sculpture Park, making sketches of the art work as well as recording their personal response.


SEND Drop-In Afternoon – Tuesday 17th May

– A SEND Drop In Afternoon will be held on Tuesday 17th May from 3:00 – 6:00pm in the school’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC). If you have any queries regarding the Afternoon, please contact Ms Nedderman at school.


Parent Forum Meeting – Tuesday 17th May

– The next Parent Forum meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th May, 6:00pm in the school’s LRC. New and existing members are welcome to attend. For more information about the Parent Forum, please contact Mrs Corlett at school.


Boys’ Cricket – English Schools’ Competition

– Congratulations to the Year 10 Boys’ Cricket Team who defeated Bury Grammar School (G.S.) in the first round of the English Schools’ Cricket Competition.  Bury G.S won the toss and opted to bat first which played into the hands of the Oulder Hill bowlers.  Mohid Ul-Haq dismissed four of the Bury G.S batting line up for less than 20 runs with a fine spell of bowling.  He was supported in the bowling attack by Thomas Booth, Marcus Welsby and Ben Whitehead who each took the remaining wickets. Bury G.S were all out for 66 runs and Oulder Hill easily knocked off the runs required for victory with eight overs to spare.  Thomas Booth retired not out on 30 runs and the other runs were achieved through the batting of Ben Whitehead and Danny Devine. Well done to all the students involved: Ben Whitehead, Aadam Latif (Year 9), Emmerson Bradshaw, Hamza Ahmed (Year 11), Rayhan Iqbal, Marcus Welsby, Mohid Ul-Haq, Spencer Allen (Year 7), Lewis Midgley, Thomas Booth and Danny Devine.


Year 11 Boys’ Football

– Well done to the Year 11 Boys’ Football Team, who finished their final season representing Oulder Hill in a very commendable second place. Their final match, which finished 2-2, was a high quality game played by two excellent sides who conducted themselves fantastically throughout. Whilst, as a result, the lads have been pipped to the title, the team spirit they showed and the obvious pride and commitment to representing our school for the final time was outstanding. It has been a pleasure for Mr Armitage to work with this team for the last couple of years. Thank you to everyone who came up to support the lads. The team in full was: Kian Dunease, Henry North, Ben Howarth, Will Moore, Kristian Kean, Dominic Boothman, Joe Wrest, Cameron Filkin, Jamie Ogden, Brandon Coughlan, Danny Cryer, Deary Rashid and Ibrahim Hussain.


Upcoming Dates

Monday 16th May – GCSE Religious Studies Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Monday 16th May – Year 10 Art GCSE Trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Tuesday 17th May – GCSE French Listening and Reading Exams – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 17th May – GCSE Core Science Exam – Biology – Year 10 (PM)

Tuesday 17th May, 3:00-6:00pm – SEND Drop In Afternoon

Tuesday 17th May, 6:00-7:30pm – Parent Forum Meeting

Wednesday 18th May – GCSE ICT Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Wednesday 18th May – GCSE Religious Studies Exam – Year 11 (PM)

Thursday 19th May – GCSE Core Science Exam – Chemistry – Year 10 (PM)

Thursday 19th May, 4:00-7:00pm – Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Friday 20th May – GCSE Spanish Listening and Reading Exams – Year 11 (AM)

Friday 20th May – GCSE PE Exam – Year 11 (PM)

Monday 23rd May – GCSE iEnglish Literature Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 24th May – GCSE Textiles Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 24th May – GCSE Drama Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 24th May – GCSE Engineering Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 24th May – GCSE Geography Exam – Year 11 (PM)

Wednesday 25th May – GCSE Business Studies Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Wednesday 25th May – GCSE Core Science Exam – Physics – Year 10 (PM)

Thursday 26th May – GCSE Maths – Non-Calculator Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Friday 27th May – Year 9 Geography Trip

Friday 27th May, 3:00pm – School Closes for Half Term

Monday 6th June, 8:25am – School Re-Opens After Half Term

Monday 6th to Friday 10th June – Years 7-10 Internal Exams

Monday 6th June – GCSE History Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Tuesday 7th June – Year 10 Dance Unit 3

Wednesday 8th June – GCSE German Listening and Reading Exams – Year 11 (AM)

Wednesday 8th June – GCSE Geography Exam – Year 11 (PM)

Thursday 9th June – GCSE Maths – Calculator Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June – Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Final Expedition

Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June – Year 10 Art Exam

Friday 10th June – GCSE Additional Science – Biology Exam – Year 11 (AM)

Friday 10th June – GCSE Music Exam – Year 11 (PM)

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