Vision and Values

(as agreed by consultation with staff, pupils, parents and stakeholders at Full Governors in June 2019)

Mission Statement

  • “We are an inclusive Community school, proud to be valued citizens serving the borough of Rochdale.”
  • “We provide a captivating learning experience and foster a culture of the highest expectations for all.”
  • “We ensure every individual is challenged, motivated and inspired to be the absolute best they can be in all that they do.”


We expect everyone to do “our best always everywhere”. Each subject has defined what that means and teaches those values through an appropriate curriculum designed to best meet the needs of all students

Mission, Values and Policies

Our mission statement and values underpin all our school policies. For example, our behaviour policy is an inclusive RESPECT code of conduct (our aim for pupils is for them to be Responsible, Respectful and Safe). We have also agreed staff behaviours to model our values and build strong relationships at TEAM Oulder Hill.

Values and Education

To achieve our mission at Oulder Hill and instil our values we believe strongly in delivering a quality personalised curriculum that meets the needs of all students through a teaching “Plan, Do Review” model for all (Intent, Implementation, Impact).

Character Education – skill development

Through widespread consultation these are our agreed character traits [the tree trunk]. They are the personal skills and qualities that develop proud and valued citizens ready for a successful life after Oulder Hill School.

In years 7 and 8 pupils have a wide but deep curriculum and extra-curricular experience including studying 2 modern foreign languages as we believe this helps develop culture as well as character. We teach these values through our core curriculum, extra-curricular, immersion days, inter-house activities, assemblies and tutorials.  We value CEIAG, form time and PSCHE as key components of our offer. In Year 9 pupils have a stand-alone RESPECT weekly lesson as part of our foundation year for GCSEs to really embed these values. Year 10 and 11 hone these skills.

Character and Culture

A key element of the knowledge and skills development is character and culture at all levels. We believe that a strong culture and ethos underpins all that we do. Many behaviours are habits so we strive to instil good habits (culture) eg attendance, punctuality, manners, organisation, uniform. We believe strongly in our magnificent 7 character traits – our RESPECT character code (see above). We place a high value on inclusion and respect for all.

Oulder Hill’s proud badge is a tree. This symbolises our “thrive not survive” attitude and our growth in the world. For a tree to thrive it needs strong roots (culture/good habits) that are often difficult to see above ground (picture 1). As a school we expect to know and understand each person’s culture and roots (their back story eg SEND needs, individual needs) to enable them to grow the character traits (trunk) that will in turn give them the currency they need (skills for life including but not exclusively outstanding exam results in attainment and progress)(picture 2). We recognise and value that students have different identities and starting points in all that we do and some need much more input than others for an equitable playing field.

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