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What does “Gifted & Talented” Mean?

‘Gifted and Talented’ describes children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of the year group.

‘Gifted‘ refers to students who display a greater academic learning ability than that of their peers and who are particularly able or excel in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, Languages and Humanities.

‘Talented’ pupils are those who have special ability or potential in Expressive Arts, Technology and Physical Education or who show leadership ability and social maturity.

At Oulder Hill we believe that all students should be provided with a challenging and tailored education designed to help them achieve at the highest possible level. This differentiation encompasses our most able students and we endeavour to give these pupils the opportunity to fulfill their potential through quality learning experiences in lessons as well as a comprehensive enrichment programme designed to give breadth and depth to the curriculum.

Our G&T programme is promoted in all faculties. The needs of G&T pupils are addressed in the classroom through the use of extension tasks, higher order thinking skills, questioning and pupil groupings. A challenging and supportive learning environment promotes a culture where expectations are high and pupils take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

How are G&T pupils identified?

G&T pupils are identified through external test results and subject teacher nomination in line with national criteria for that subject.
The Gifted and Talented register is reviewed annually and this means that pupils can be added to the register or removed depending on their attainment and attitude to learning. Changes are monitored by staff and parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the school.

What the School does to support your child & track progress

Supporting students throughout their time at Oulder Hill is vitally important to us and we endeavour to support them to reach their potential and enjoy their education. We carefully track students’ progress and intervene when support is required.

Our school has the responsibility to meet the educational needs of all students. Here at Oulder Hill we:

  • have a Lead Practioner for Teaching and Learning who works closely with the Senior Leadership Team and leads the G&T programme and has special responsibility for these students in school;
  • work in partnership with parents/carers;
  • monitor student progress very carefully
  • put into practice the school policy for Gifted and Talented students;
  • identify our Gifted and Talented students and ensure that all staff are aware of their specific learning needs;
  • provide suitably challenging work/activities in lessons;
  • provide extra-curricular enrichment opportunities beyond the normal school day.

Some ways you can support your child at home:

  • set time aside each day to talk with your child about what they have learnt and how they have learnt this;
  • encourage them to sample new activities;
  • use the environment to provide a broad range of experiences e.g. visits to galleries, museums, sports centres;
  • encourage the use of resources to support learning at home (Internet, the school’s VLE, books, maps)
  • ensure that your child has the opportunity to make friends, including those who share the same interests;
  • work in partnership with Oulder Hill and find out about and support our programme for our G&T students;
  • encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities at school and beyond.

Parents Showcase Event

Towards the end of the academic year, parents are invited to school to see the work that pupils have produced during the year. They also have a chance to see some performances by our talented musicians, dancers and sports stars. The event is always a great success with an amazing turnout by parents!

Gifted & Talented GCSE Results (2013-2014)

We are very proud of the achievements of all of our G&T students who received their GCSE results in the summer. They achieved grades A* and A in 25 different subjects at GCSE with each student on average achieving nearly 8 A*/A grades. This performance reflects the hard work and commitment shown by our students and their teachers alongside the continued support of parents.

Beyond the classroom…

Work in the classroom is complimented by opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the curriculum.
Enrichment Events at Oulder Hill 2013-2014

Year 7
Year 7 pupils had an amazing day at the Lowry Centre in Manchester where they took part in a workshop on the industrial landscape and the work of Lowry and had the opportunity to work with a professional artist.

Year 8
Year 8 pupils took part in a ‘Space Day’ in which they built and launched rockets and learnt about the history and science behind space exploration.

Year 9
Pupils in Year 9 competed in teams against each other to design and produce trophies for each of the different faculty areas in school. They then had to present their trophies to a judging panel. The overall winner was then chosen by a vote involving all staff. These trophies will be used at presentation evenings.

Year 10
The Year 10 cohort visited Lancaster University to find out what student life is really like. During the day they had a campus tour, met with students from the university and attended a lecture about presentation skills.

Some Year 10 pupils also started their ‘Extended Project’ on a topic of their choice. They will complete this project in Year 11 and will gain an extra qualification for this. Other students began an ab initio course in GCSE Italian, an intensive course offering them an extremely high level of challenge with a full GCSE qualification at the end of year 11.

Year 11
Year 11 pupils took part in a residential visit to the Castleshaw Centre in Delph. They greatly benefitted from this unique opportunity to work together in a different setting. Pupils took part in team-building exercises and study sessions and they had a talk from a journalist from the BBC Pupils also had the opportunity to engage in a few more light-hearted activities such as a quiz, a search for the Roman Fort and feeding the animals.

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