Coronavirus KIT 10 (“Keeping in Touch” update letter 1st June)

Dear students, parents and carers

I sincerely hope this KIT letter finds you all well and relaxed after the half-term break. I must say that the staff remain hugely impressed at the mature attitude the vast majority of our students have been showing throughout this challenging period. You really have been remarkable and I take my hat off to you! I also want you to know that we are working really hard in school to make sure that we do everything we possibly can to support you over the next few months in, what we all know, are far from ideal circumstances.

Wider opening of schools – I am sure you are aware from the news and previous correspondence that the government has told schools to be prepared to open for “some face-to-face time” with students in Year 10 before the end of the year. I had hoped to be able to give you some proper details today but I am afraid that still isn’t the case. We have been working exceptionally hard over the last few weeks to prepare for various scenarios but the new guidance of a maximum ¼ of students being allowed in school at any one time released in the half-term break means we need to re-consider our plans for those students to return. We are still on course for some one-to-one meetings taking place in the week of 15th June and for some lessons this half-term. Y10 parents will be contacted directly about this. The plans also reflect the information contained in the important letter from Rochdale Borough Council sent to you before half-term. The kinds of measures referred to in the letter are exactly the kinds of things that we are considering in our own detailed Risk Assessments for when we do re-open to year 10 and later down the line for other year groups. Either way, please rest assured that we will not, under any circumstances, be forcing anyone to come into school before the summer if parents and students do not feel emotionally safe or comfortable to come in. We will also be sharing detailed plans with you in plenty of time for you to consider them before having to make any decisions. Regardless, in the bigger scheme of things, I would suggest that the improvements to online provision we will be making and every pupil’s attitude in engaging fully with this are going to be the most important factor in your education for the next few weeks.

Year 11 – please find attached here some useful information for Year 11s re transition.

Your Future First
Upcoming Events at RSFC and HHC

Mental Health – For now, please try and enjoy learning and take good care of yourselves through “Joyful June”. KIT 11 will follow shortly with important news and updates.



  • #Thrive: ( Mental health for young people up to 19 years old. Currently offering phone and video support
  • Home-Start: (tel: 01706 629651) First response support for families with low level mental health difficulties, usually families with younger children



  • MIND: (tel: 01706 752338) Low-medium risk. High risk-contact GP. Refer online Also provides Creative Writing groups; weekly relaxation podcast and ‘Yoga with Sarah’ physical activity sessions.
  • Thinking Ahead: ( Mental health
  • Andy’s Man Club: ( Andy’s Man Club) Currently trialling online support for men aged 18+ within 45 mins of the club
  • Samaritans: (tel: 116 123)
  • Marie Curie Bereavement Helpline: People can access up to 6 weeks free bereavement support over the phone. 0800 090 2309 or
  • Beelieve Campaign: mental health support led by organisations from across GM.
  • Available Apps (some may have in-app costs): Calm, Breathe, Smiling Mind, Headspace

With kindest wishes


John Watson

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