Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is at the heart of the school and plays a vital role in supporting students’ independent learning, giving them access to a wealth of information. The LRC strives to support the teaching, learning and information needs of the whole school community by providing an appropriate range of high quality facilities and services.

The LRC is managed and maintained by Mrs McCarry and Miss Clarke, with the assistance of a dedicated and approachable team of student helpers. These students are trained to help users locate resources and utilise the LRC to its full potential. In addition, the LRC Council enables all students to have an active voice in how the LRC is run, what recreational resources are purchased and which books appear on the shelves!

All students automatically become a member of the LRC when joining Oulder Hill and the LRC is open from 8.10am to 4.00pm. There is an extensive choice of resources, ranging from fiction books, including Quick Reads, E-Books and audio books, to information material, such as non-fiction books, text books, study skills material, on-line databases and study guides. Current magazines are available to give up to date news, views and information across a range of subjects and interests.

Fifteen computer work stations are linked to the network – students are able to use these to access the internet or use our e-learning VLE ‘Moodle’. The LRC has its own colour and black & white printer for those students who wish to print off home work, they also have access to a scanner and photocopier.

All Year 7 students have LRC lessons throughout their first year. Through the Library Skills Programme, students are given the confidence to research independently and are encouraged to choose books to read for pleasure according to their own tastes, regardless of level. We also hope to provide a place where a lifelong love of reading for recreational pleasure is promoted, encouraged and supported.

Several key events take place in the LRC.

Events include;

  • Book Week
  • Visiting Authors
  • Interactive Reading Group
  • National Poetry Day
  • Book Club
  • Charity Events
  • Homework Club (3.00-4.00pm Monday to Friday)

The diversity of the resources available and the breadth of activities on offer, extend to our commitment to students recreational enjoyment whilst at school. Activities include a lunchtime DVD club showing blockbuster movies with wireless headphones, a wide range of board and card games, Nintendo Wii and DSi XL and both in house and national competitions with masses of prizes!

The Careers Library is situated in a dedicated area which accommodates careers literature, publications, DVDs and prospectuses, along with student finance and personal and GAP year information. This is also where Mrs Lovelock our Careers Advisor from Positive Steps can be found.

The School Stationery Shop is a non-profit making enterprise and offers students a wide range of stationery equipment including the scientific calculator as recommended by the Maths Department.