Since the 1st October 2014, the National Careers Service has been enhanced to provide more support to Young People. It is the intention of the National Careers Service to complement, not duplicate any existing provision, so all young people have access to information and advice to help them make informed decisions about their career progression.

To assist young people in their career planning, the National Careers Service has extended the Lifelong Learning Account facility to anyone aged 13 and over.  An account can be used to safely store personal documents and Skills Health Checks all in one place. Skills Health Checks are online activities which analyse an individual’s strengths, motivations, skills, interests and personal styles. The account also provides the option for the production of an Action Plan.

The National Careers Service points of contact for young people aged 13-18 are:

  • Online through the website and webchat at:
  • Telephone helpline (0800 100 900) for anyone aged 13 and over – Option 1 for 13-18 years olds to speak to a professionally qualified young person’s adviser

The National Careers Service website has a link specifically designed for young people with information about the transition points, such as going to college or starting an Apprenticeship.  Job profile and labour market information can also be found which can help to inform young people about the world of work.

The Government led Inspiration Agenda aims to inspire young people and the wider community to raise their aspirations and support their progression into sustainable opportunities that meet the economic needs of the local areas.

The National Careers Service in Greater Manchester has established a dedicated Careers Inspiration Team with a local Coordinator linked to your area.  They will work with the CEIAG networks to increase understanding of how the National Careers Service can support Careers Programmes. The Careers Inspiration Coordinator will work with existing, as well as developing new partnerships to create local events that can stimulate young people’s aspirations.

The Government’s Inspiration Vision statement can be found at

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