Students should arrive at school for 8.25am every day unless the reason for being late or absent is absolutely unavoidable. Permitting absence without good reason is an offence. We always aim for 100% but our attendance minimum expectation is 96% for all students; if it is below this students are likely to fall behind with their studies. Students who have attendance below 90% will need a medical note/confirmation before the school will allow future absences to be authorised. By insisting on high attendance we are helping students to reach their potential and achieve the best results they can.


My child seems ill, but I don’t think it’s severe enough for him/her to take the day off. What should I do?

Feeling under the weather – colds, headaches, stomach pains etc affect us all, but not to the point that we need to miss school or work. Medication can be left with the school First Aider, if your child needs to take it. A child who has an injury, such as a sprained ankle, can be allowed out of lessons five minutes early. Write a note in the diary to the tutor so we can monitor your child in the day.

My child claims he/she is ill, I don’t think it’s genuine. What should I do?

Sometimes your child may want to avoid school. This may indicate that there are wider issues that need addressing. Send your child to school and contact their Year Manager.

My child is definitely ill eg. with a fever. What should I do next?

Contact Mrs Gramatica, our Attendance officer, by 9.30am on the morning of the absence. If your child is off school for three days or more, please provide a doctor’s note on your child’s return. If the illness is so severe that he/she is absent for a week or more, we can try to arrange for work to be sent home to ensure that his/her education is not disrupted.

My child has a doctor’s appointment during school time. What should I do?

Please always try to avoid doctors’ and dentists’ appointments during the school day. Doctors’ appointments are usually available after school hours as surgeries are open until at least 5pm. If your child really must attend an appointment, please ensure that he/she attends school for part of the day at least, leaving early or arriving late (with a note). This will give him/her the best chance to keep with the studies.

There is a family wedding during term-time. Can we take the day/s as holiday?

No. We cannot authorise holidays during term time. All requests for emergency leave must be put in writing to Mr J Watson, Headteacher. If students are taken out of school by parents without our permission, it counts as an unauthorised absence.

My child’s report shows a number of unauthorised absences. What does this mean?

These are absences we do not consider reasonable and which we have not approved. They include: parents keeping children off school unnecessarily in the opinion of the school; truancy before or during the school day; absences that are not properly explained and students who arrive at school too late to get a present mark. (Note that issues such as looking after an ill brother or sister, or going to the airport to welcome or see off a relative, cannot be authorised by the school and therefore are recorded as an unauthorised absence).

My child’s report shows a number of unauthorised lates. What does this mean?

This means that your child has arrived at school after registration without good reason. Dropping off a brother or sister at school, the alarm clock not going off or problems with transport are not valid reasons for lateness and will be recorded as unauthorised lates.

To avoid lateness, we expect all students to be on site by 8.25am.

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