Pastoral Care at Oulder Hill

Oulder Hill places a strong emphasis on pastoral care and is committed to creating an environment in which every child can really achieve their best.

We understand that transition from Primary school can be a very anxious time for both students and parents. New students are usually placed in a tutor group with some friends and the Form Tutor stays with them throughout a Key Stage. The school promotes a strong three-way partnership between parents, students and staff as we feel this is crucial to a student’s development. Parents are invited to take an active part in their child’s learning. For more information on Transition, please see the Starting at Oulder Hill page of our website in the Students section.

Supporting the Form Tutors is a Year Manager who will care for your child throughout their five years at Oulder Hill. These are non-teaching members of staff who are available to see students at all times of the day. They are supported by Child Welfare Officers and Assistant Headteachers who are assigned to each year group / key stage. The pastoral staff have forged strong links with a variety of outside agencies to support our students. In addition, Learning and Progress Directors (LPDs) who are teaching members of staff oversee the learning and progress of your child. An LPD will remain with your child’s year group throughout their school life and will work to ensure that your child is meeting their target grades in all subjects and achieving their potential.

The school does not tolerate bullying or racism and has strong anti-bullying and anti-racism policies which are signed by all members of the school community. The school has a group of Peer Mentors who are fully trained in helping other students with bullying and friendship issues.

We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements and successes and we celebrate this through a variety of rewards and presentation events throughout the year.

Parental Enquiries

On all general matters concerning students’ home circumstances, absences, behaviour etc., parents are advised to contact the Form Tutor, Year Manager or LPD. On all subject matters concerning students’ courses, reports, examinations etc., parents are advised to contact the appropriate Head of Faculty. Unless the matter is urgent, parents should write, email or telephone to make an appointment; please see our Contact Us page for further details. Parents should not hesitate to make use of the school in this way. Many misgivings and concerns can be avoided if there is open communication between home and school. The school also operates an electronic messaging and email communications service whereby parents/carers can receive text messages and emails regarding important events at school affecting their child. We strongly recommend that all parents register on the website Parentmail PMX. To receive this service, a link to the website can be found below and on any of the pages in the Parents section of the website. Alternatively a registration form can be obtained from the Finance Manager at the school on request. For any Twitter users, you can also keep up to date with what’s happening by following us @OHCS_Official.


Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are of prime importance at Oulder Hill. We have outstanding attendance because our students enjoy school and want to do well. National statistics show that students with less than 95% attendance are less likely to achieve their potential. If they are absent they are not learning. The school therefore does not authorise family holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents should always write to the Headteacher to consider authorising leave of absence for any purposes. Students must produce a parental note of explanation following any absence. For more information, please click here.

The Year Teams

Year 7

Learning and Progress Director – Mrs C. Garcka

Year Manager – Mrs J. Clarke

Year 8

Learning and Progress Director – Mr I. Pickles

Year Manager – Mrs L. Spellacy

Year 9

Learning and Progress Director – Mr C. Hooley

Year Manager – Mrs J. Brandon

Year 10

Learning and Progress Director – Mrs A. Rees

Year Manager – Mrs K. Smith

Year 11

Learning and Progress Director – Ms A. Ward

Year Manager – Ms C. Bowen


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