School Meals and Lunch Times

All students are expected to remain on school premises at lunch times. Oulder Hill runs a cashless ‘cafeteria’ system which offers a wide choice of healthy foods: a set meal, jacket potatoes, salads, a sandwich bar and a selection of individually priced hot dishes. The cafeteria also provides early morning snacks from 8.00 a.m. until 8.25 a.m. and at morning break. The cost of a school meal is currently £2.40, students can of course bring their own lunch to school and we would strongly encourage parents/carers to be aware that we very much adhere to the Healthy Schools ethos.

You can now view the hot meal options available to Students by clicking the link below. In addition to these meals, other options include a range of sandwiches, pasta pots and salads.

Click here to view the current Lunch Menu

We expect the highest standards of behaviour in the dining rooms. If a student does not conform to our expected standards he or she may be excluded from the school during lunchtime.


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