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Final Timetable Year 11 Mock December 2021

GCSE Results 2021

Results day this year is slightly earlier than normal on Thursday, 12th August 2021. Students will be able to come into school to collect results on this day. The arrangements are as follows:

  • Students come into school through main reception from 9:30am – 11:30am
  • Results will be distributed in school. Representatives from colleges and sixth forms will be on hand to advise our students on their next steps to securing their college places.

The GCSE awarding process this year has been a task that has been taken very seriously by staff and students alike. We are confident that our process has been fair, we have considered the learning time lost by taking out untaught content, doing shorter than normal assessments and adapting assessments to ensure that our students had the best chance of succeeding. Students have sat assessments over a period that has enabled them to prepare, and time has been spent in class preparing students for these assessments. There have been opportunities for students to catch up on assessments that may have been missed on occasion and they have tried hard with these, and we know that most of our students have done their absolute best.


Final CAG communication July 21

Student Guide to Awarding – Summer 2021

Summer 2021 Centre Policy


Appeals 2021

Everyone has the right of appeal, as they do every year. The Appeals process this year is different to last years system. The timeline for appeals is outlined below. An important difference this year is that grades can go down as well as up on appeal. There is documentation on our website outlining our processes for assessment, all parent communications that have been sent and information for appeals in 2021. This information can be found in the parents’ tab of our website.

What may happen to your grade during the centre review and appeals process?

If you request a centre review or an awarding organisation appeal, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Your original grade is lowered, so your final grade will be lower than the original grade you received.
  • Your original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade.
  • Your original grade is raised, so your final grade will be higher than the original grade you received.

Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day.


Appeals Processes 2021:

There are two strands to the appeal this year. These must be completed in order:

1 – Clerical error check. If you believe a clerical error has been made, then you can ask the school to check. If a clerical error has been made, then the school will contact the exam board and make the necessary amendments. We will also reprint the results sheet to reflect the correct grade. These appeals must be submitted to the school by 3/9/21. The paperwork needed to trigger this clerical check must be filled in and submitted to the school’s exams officer.

2 – Non-agreement with the centre assessed grade. If you still wish to appeal the grade after the initial checking, there is an appeals process that comes through the school. The paperwork needed to trigger an appeal must be filled in and submitted to the school’s exams officer. These appeals must be submitted to the school by 16/9/21

The email address for contact to make an appeal is:


All the information explaining about our CAGS and appeals is available on the school website. This includes the information that has been shared previously with yourselves and also with students as part of our processes.

JCQ Appeals Document  – Students


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