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In response to the recent change in GCSE grading as announced by the government on 17/8/20 to administer the CAG or Moderated grade (whichever grade is higher) to students.

Limited right of appeal

It is important for students and parents to understand the limited grounds on which an appeal can be made to the exam board. Students have no right of appeal against the professional judgement of staff (e.g. as to the calculation of the appropriate grade or rank order), nor does the school itself have the right of appeal on the basis that it has changed its professional judgement. The school may only appeal to the exam board where there is evidence that an administrative error was made either by the school when submitting a student’s Centre Assessed Grade or rank position, or by the exam board when calculating a student’s grade.

Any appeals on the above administrative grounds may only be made by the school on behalf of a student. Students may make a request that the school make an appeal to the exam board on your behalf on these grounds, however the school has the right to decide whether or not to make this appeal on your behalf. If you have any questions about your right of appeal or about your exam results, please direct your enquiries to the exams office (janet.hogan@oulderhill-school.com) in the first instance so that we can process your enquiry in a timely manner. All such queries should be received by Tuesday 1st September 2020.

If, having liaised with the exams office in relation to your queries, you consider you may have grounds for an appeal to the exam board, or if you wish to appeal against a decision of the school not to appeal on your behalf, or have concerns of any other nature regarding your exam results, please write to Lyn Sanderson, Assistant Head teacher, setting out the basis on which you believe an appeal should be made, or the nature of your concern.

The appeals process is outlined here by OFQUAL and is the national guidance on students right to appeal:



If you wish to resit an exam, please fill in the form by clicking on the link below. We would like to have your interest in resits registered by 4th September 2020, so we can start the process of planning for this opportunity.

Click here

It is possible that the resit will be sat at the college, as we understand it, this should be the first preference. If this option is not available, then Oulder Hill will offer the opportunity to sit the exam with us.


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