Year 8 Offer at Oulder Hill– Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance.
Term Activity Learning Outcome Who/when?
1-3 Positive Steps Pupils to have impartial advice and guidance regarding post 16 choices. Lynsey Lovelock (Positive Steps advisor) – Monday and Friday all year
1 and 2 Teens and Toddlers

·         Students will achieve and OCR qualification in Communication Schools.

·         Students will have experience of working in an nursery environment

·         Students will mentor a young person from the nursery setting

·         Students will complete this course every Tuesday for 3 hours

Power 2 – October to January
1-3 Sector Assemblies

For students to understand the following about different sectors:

·         Jobs involved

·         Qualifications needed

·         Wages

·         Personal skills

·         Pathways to sector

Lucy Farrell, Azeem Javed, Bronwyn Raper- 15th and 22nd November 2020
1-3 Student Ambassadors To understand other pupils experiences and pathways to help inform decisions on their own careers pathways All Staff – ongoing throughout the year
2 PSCHEE SOW – It is time to choose.

·         To know what they are good at and enjoy.

·         To understand the difference between a job and a career.

·         To understand that a job can require many skills.

·         To understand the difference between smart targets and goals.

·         To know that different subjects and activities develops different skills.

·         To know the different courses available at KS4.

·         To understand and know the progression routes of Post 16.

·         To know the benefits of looking at Labour Market information.

·         To Know where pupils can find post 18 information.

Amelia Clegg (CEIAG Co-ordinator) and Form Tutors – 1 hour during PSCHEE for term 2
1 Careers Fair Pupils to engage positively with several Post 16 providers to gain knowledge and impartial advice – Colleges, 6th Forms, Training, Apprenticeships, universities etc Amelia Clegg (CEIAG Co-ordinator) – 27th January 2020
Summer Options Evening Pupils to understand what subjects they will need to study for their chosen career Mel Ottley O’Connor – (AHT Curriculum) – TBC
Summer SLT Interviews To ensure that all pupils have chosen the appropriate subjects for them to achieve their post 16 choices All SLT members – TBC
Summer Post 16 Pathways To understand all post 16 pathways after Oulder Hill Lucy Farrell (AHT CEIAG)- TBC
2 Crag Rats

• Self evaluation

• What they can aspire to and how to get there

• How to identify their unique individual qualities and promote them

• How to work effectively in a workplace environment with others

• Setting exciting goals and ambitions

• The importance of taking their futures seriously NOW

Crag Rats – Immersion Day – Cancelled due to COVID
1 Assemblies Up to date information on Careers. Impartial advice and guidance on all aspects of Careers. Key Staff – Ongoing throughout the Year
3 Apprenticeship Week A virtual experience of what apprenticeships are Form Tutors – Week beginning 8th February 2021
Summer University Visit To experience an encounter of university including course, student life Amelia Clegg (CEIAG Co-ordinator) – TBC
1 World of Work A range of interactive activities for specialist career classrooms as well as subject specific classrooms. This will provide more insight into certain job sectors along with information on aspects of further education such as independent living. Subject Staff – week beginning 9/11/20
2 Parents Evening Information stands where Parent/carers and students can talk to post 16 providers Year Manager and LPD for Year 8 – TBC


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